Hi, my name is Yentl. I'm a one of a kind person, Animator and 3D Designer.

I've worked on (start to finish) animated productions in a variety of styles, did projects for Fulldome and VR experiences, I had the honorable opportunity of sparking inner flames of future animators and tasted the (creative) producers life... Now I focus on creating educational content for teachers and students all around the globe. Because, good education opens doors you didn't knew could be opened.

Working for Prowise B.V. is giving me the opportunity and experience to think from an users point of view; What elements in my visualizations give added value and tell an informative story -or, what kind of 3D models or animations will show beneficial in the educational growth for students? Finding a right balance in detail, quality and software performance makes every project new, challenging and fun.

Though the creative process can be a solitary job, I need people around me. People who share the same passion for 3D, Animation and Storytelling and who are willing to make better projects and content together, as a group of (quirky) professionals, as a dream team.

Lets keep telling stories and learn from them.

Yours Sincerely,
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