Hi, my name is Yentl van der Voort and I'm an Animator and 3D Designer.

I've worked on (start to finish) animated productions in a variety of styles, did projects for Fulldome and VR experiences and tasted the (creative) producers life... Now I focus on creating educational content for teachers and students all around the globe. Because, good education opens doors you didn't knew could be opened.

In my work I  think from an users point of view; What elements in my visualizations give added value and tell an informative story -or, what kind of 3D models or animations will show beneficial in the educational growth for students? Finding a right balance in detail, quality and software performance makes every project new, challenging and fun.

Though the work of an animator can be a solitary job, I prefer having people around me. People who share the same passion for 3D, Animation and Storytelling and who are willing to make better projects and content together, as a group of (quirky) professionals, as a dream team.

Lets keep telling stories and learn from them.

Yours Sincerely,
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