A re-branded Christmas commercial for PanicProgram Phone Providers to introduce the demographic audience to a series of offers and discounts.
Lead | Creative Producer: Yentl van der Voort    Director: Luc Petterson    Technical Director | Shading: Sander Wezenbeek            Concept art | Modeling | Animation | Texturing: Thomas Fokker    Storyboarding: Martijn Rook    Generalist: Job op de Maan                Voice-over: Alex Zonnenberg    Sounddesign: Rutger van der Vliet   
Early Style frame - Thomas Fokker
Early 3D concept - Sander Wezenbeek
Early concept art - Thomas Fokker
Early storyboard - Martijn Rook
Sketch moving storyboard - Martijn Rook
Final style frame - Thomas Fokker
Animation test - Thomas Fokker
Final style frame - Thomas Fokker
Final commercial Poster - Luc Petterson
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