“Near a huge stonewall, godly relics will be revealed trough excavation. These statues symbolize the 5 main topics of Playgrounds Blend: animation, game, interactive design, robotics and creative technology. The titles of the artist will be revealed in creative ways, integrated within the compositions, blended with the relics and connecting objects.”
Official Playgrounds Blend Titles 2018 edition. together with studio Platform we created the 3th part of this title sequence. 
Concept: Platform    Lead | Creative Producer: Yentl van der Voort    Director | Storyboard: Luc Petterson     Technical Director | Shading | Animation | Modeling: Sander Wezenbeek    Concept art | Modeling: Thomas Fokker    Sounddesign: The Ambassadors    
Name reveal sketch - Yentl van der Voort
Character design - Luc Petterson
Style frame - Luc Petterson
Concept art | Color board - Thomas Fokker
Technical style test - Sander Wezenbeek
Styleframe - Luc Petterson
3D model - Sander Wezenbeek
Technical animation test - Sander Wezenbeek
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